Courage in To Kill a Mockingbird

Courage is about doing what is right even when you might be afraid. It is telling the truth even when it might get you in trouble. It is standing up for what you believe in even when everyone is against you. Courage is holding your head high and sticking with what is morally good.

To Kill A Mockingbird has numerous amounts of courage in it and is a very important theme. There are times when the characters need courage to tell the truth, like Tom Robinson in the court house. Times when characters need to do what they believe is right, like when Atticus stays at the prison overnight. There are even times when characters need courage to change or not go with there instinct, like when Scout stops fighting when Atticus asked her.

Atticus showing courage by staying at the prison with Tom

There are many moments when the characters have to step up and show how brave they really are. Below is a quote which Atticus says about courage, what do you think this says about his character? Write your opinion on the Class Discussion Board (see side panel).


Atticus is not the only one who shows courage in the novel, many different characters show it in different ways. For example, when Mrs Maudie's house burns down you would expect her to be very upset. However, she shows courage by continuing to smile and reassure the children.

This next video is a scene of the children playing in the street. See if you can identify any courage in the scene.


Get into groups of two or three and find a scene in the novel that shows courage (excluding the scene acted out in the video above). Act out this scene to your classmates.

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