Is your class studying To Kill a Mockingbird?

This website has been designed to complement your teaching of the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. It is constructed to be completed in a 60 minute lesson, finishing with the quiz. Ideally, this site should be used as a resource for classes who have already encountered the book. A lot of the content, if not all of it, will not make sense to a student who is unfamiliar with the story and its characters.

The pages each pertain to a particular theme or topic of the novel and the activities therein can be done individually or in groups. The teacher can use the material here and the activities provided as a whole class activity, or, as a self-paced learning activity for the students to undertake by themselves. A lot of questions are asked and the activities are made to be interactive, it is our suggestion that the students might want to write their answers down and hand them in as well as writing them on the already-made posts on the discussion board which are able to be viewed by all.