Time to Test Your knowledge!!

1. What is Scout’s real name?Kids.gif
(A) Jean Louise Finch
(B) Louise Marie Finch
(C) Louise Scout Finch
(D) Lee Mae Finch

2. What is the verdict in the Tom Robinson case?
(A) Innocent
(B) Guilty
(C) The jury is hung.
(D) The judge calls a mistrial.

3. What is Boo’s real name?
(A) Hector
(B) Arthur
(C) Rileytokill3.JPG
(D) Robert

4. Why does Atticus admire Mrs. Dubose?
(A)Because she has courage
(B) Because she is committed to racial equality
(C) Because she is beautiful
(D) Because she is a proud Confederat

5. Who tells Jem that it is a sin to kill mockingbirds?
(A) Atticus
(B) Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra
(C) Scout
(D) Dill

6. Who beat Mayella Ewell?
(A) Atticus Finch
(B) Boo Radley
(C) Tom Robinson
(D) Heck Tate

7. Whose actions lead Mr. Cunningham to disperse the lynch mob?
(A) Atticus’simages.jpg
(B) Scout’s
(C) Jem’s
(D) Mr. Underwood’s